Muzio Clementi is one of the most personal and emblematic musicians of the classic period.
Having been born in Rome in 1852, this circumstance allowed him to incorporate influences of the late baroque harpsichord style, which are present in all his work. Even so, he abandoned the harpsichord at an early
age in order to become the great champion of the new instrument, the pianoforte. Undisputed virtuoso, his strong personality and the originality of his composition influenced his contemporaries, especially Beethoven. The
title of "Father of the pianoforte" with which the history of music distinguishes him, was not enough to prevent the unfair oblivion which most of his output suffered. He died in England in 1832 at the age of eighty, and his remains rest in Westminster Abbey. His longevity allowed him to participate in depth in the emergence of the new style. This adds a new
title to his name: "Father of Romantic pianistic virtuosity".

























Musicians Participating in the Clementi Project:

Performer Volume Performer Volume

Antognazzi, Aldo (Piano)

I to XII Dongarrá, Andrea  V
Württembergische Philharmonie I Martínez, Marcela  V

Rotter, Jorge (Conductor)

I Richart, Denise  V
Wiman, Federico I, V, X Panizza, Alexander  VI
Badian, Christian I, III  Millaá, Orlando  VII
Brusco, José María I Spucches, Ezequiel  VII
Lanzillo, Daniela I, VIII Parodi, Jorge  VII
Paludi, Marcela II Forster, Sebastián  VIII
Chávez, Ana II Hiertz, Leonardo (flute)  IX, X
Aldao, Federico II Martínez, Gustavo  X
Zanón, Ricardo II Peroni, Emilio  XI, XII
Di Florio, Lorena II, IX Bircher, Miriam  X
Da Souza, Cristina III Glüzmann, Anibal  XI
Lavandera, Pablo III, IX, XI Rafael Gintoli (violin) XI, XII
Cazabán, Eduardo III Claudio Baraviera (cello) XII
Duo Di Renzo  III Trío de Paraná :
Cárdenas Silvina (flute) III Graciela Reca (piano) XII
Herszbaum, Néstor (flute) III Luis Orlando (violin) XII
Yi Fang Huang (violin) III, IV Alberto Marullo (cello) XII
Miravalle, Augusto IV


Origin, Characteristics and Aims of the Project

In 1962 I participated in Arezzo (Italy) in an international course of higher pianistic studies. The great pianist and maestro Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, who conducted the course, advised me to study, among other works, Clementi's Sonata in D major, Opus 40 Nº3. This sonata, belonging to Clementi's last period, striked me profoundly because of its complex elaboration, originality and depth of expression. My commotion was so shattering that it provoked in me a real urge to acquaint myself with his complete production. Later, before I returned to Argentina, I had the opportunity of studying intensively with Maestro Carlo Vidusso in Milan. Vidusso was another great admirer and champion of the work of Clementi, and I must thank him not only for the wisdom of his teachings and contagious enthusiasm, but also for the generosity with which he gave me access to his unbelievably rich music library.


Since then I strove intensely in order to collect the missing material, regrettably dispersed in libraries and museums throughout the world. It must be mentioned that Muzio Clementi's complete work, comprising sixty volumes, was published only as late as 2002 in Italy as part of the homages rendered to the composer on occasion of the 250th anniversary of his birth.


In 1990 I signed a contract with CASCADE, a German seal [previously Aurophon] to record the "MUZIO CLEMENTI, Complete Piano Works" series, securing for myself the right of including young and talented Argentine musicians in the project. Thus was it possible to trascend the original aim of rescuing Clementi from his unfair oblivion, giving the project the characteristics of a posthumous homage to the composer's passion for teaching and to the legacy of a pianistic school of such importance.

Thirty CDs (including the Sonatas with violin and flute, duets and trios with piano) have been planned and the first ten volumes are now available.

Nº11 is being produced in Germany, and its release is imminent, and the works featured in Volumes 12 and 13 have already been recorded.

The C major Piano Concerto, which leads the series, was recorded in Germany. All the rest of the works were recorded in Argentina, at the Estudio Cosentino de Buenos Aires.



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