In 1965 Aldo Antognazzi created a chamber group of unique characteristics: the Antognazzi Ensemble.
Since its inception it consisted of an instrumental group made up of members of his family. Some were very young, but all were professional musicians. Later the Ensemble grew larger, and also included modern dance in its performances. That is why, since 1999, the recitals are called MUSIC + DANCE. The new Ensemble is made up by his daughters Sandra and Corina Antognazzi and their spouses: Oscar Feldman and Luis Ferreyra. The three remaining members are Aldo's nephews Silvina Cárdenas, Ernesto Zeppa and Juan Pable Simoniello.
They have performed in many cities of Argentina (Teatro Argentino de la Plata - Teatro El Círculo de Rosario - Auditorium San Rafael de Buenos Aires) with varied programmes which feature instrumental works and dance solos accompanied by live music. In February and March 2000 they made their first international tour, which took them to New York, Boston, Hudson, New Orleans, USA, and Germany. The Ensemble has just produced its first CD, guest-starring Paquito D'Rivera among other performers.



The Ensemble is made up by:



Aldo Antognazzi………………………………................ Artistic Director and Piano
(see biography)


Sandra Antognazzi………………………................... Modern Dance
Argentine dancer, living in New York since 1992. In Argentina she danced with Ana María Stekelman, a distinguished choreographer who has won international recognition by blending the language of tango with that of contemporary dance. Sandra won First Prize and Gold Medal at the American Competition of Dance and Ballet, held in Buenos Aires in 1990. She also won a scholarship to study with the prestigious Jennifer Muller/The Works company, and later became principal dancer of the Doris Humphrey Repertory Company and Mary Anthony Dance Theater, with which she toured the USA and Canada. She currently dances with the Errol Grimes Dance Group and is Artistic Director, choreographer and dancer of FUSION TANGO, a company which has merged the language of tango with other types of music. The group repertoire also features works of Ana Maria Stekelman and Alicia Cruzado.



Corina Antognazzi………………………….................. Guitar
Hailing from Rosario, Argentina, Corina began her study of the guitar with Maestro Roberto Lara in 1984 and continued with Professor Graciela Pomponio de Martinez Zárate in 1990. She got her degrees of National Professor of Music in 1993 and of Superior Professor of Music [guitar] in 1999 at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música "Carlos López Buchardo" de Buenos Aires. Since 1991 she has participated in Master Classes imparted by Maestri Manuel Barrueco, Alvaro Pierri, Leo Brouwer, Jakob Lindberg, Hopkinson Smith, Eduardo Isaac, Eduardo Fernández, María Isabel Siewers, Victor Villadangos, Eduardo Egüez and Dolores Costoyas. She studied with Maestro Eduardo Isaac between 1996 and 1999. Since 1988 she has developed an intense activity as soloist and in chamber music ensembles, performing in important venues of Argentina, USA, Germany and Belgium. Since 1996 she is part of the Antognazzi Ensemble, with which she participated in the recording of a CD produced by the National Endowment for the Arts/IRCO.
She lives in Germany, where she is doing postgraduate studies with Maestro Alexander Sergei Ramirez at the " Robert-Schumann-Hochschule Düsseldorf". She also teaches at the "Musikschule Neunkirchen e.V."

Oscar Feldman.............................................. Saxo - Composer
Argentine saxophonist, he lives in New York since 1992. In his native country, he played and recorded with bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi and musicians like Mauricio Einhorn, Lito Nebbia, Los Músicos del Centro, Touch, Juan Carlos Baglietto, Fito Páez, Cuarteto Zupay and the Orquesta Banco Mayo. In 1992 he obtained the Berklee Achievement Scholarship Award from the Berklee College of Music (Boston - USA), graduating in 1995. Led by Paquito D'Rivera, he played in the United Nations Orchestra, previously conducted by legendary trumpetist Dizzy Gillespie. He toured the USA and Europe with this orchestra. Feldman was awarded the Grammy 2000 for Best Latin Jazz Album for "Tropicana Nights". His first solo recording, "El Angel" produced in USA and featuring guests Gato Barbieri, Claudio Roditti, Alex Acuña and Paquito D'Rivera was enthusiastically reviewed.
Feldman recently recorded "The Grande Passion", with great guitarist Al Di Meola.



Luis Ferreyra................................................. Flutes
Luis Ferreyra was born in Buenos Aires, beginning his musical formation with the study of the guitar with Professor Consuelo Mallo López. He later studied flute with his father, Luis "Chachi" Ferreyra. He has attended seminars held by Maestri Félix Rengli, András Adorján, Silvia Navarro, Jorge de la Vega and Horacio Parravicini (flute), Pat Metheny and Larry Carlton (guitar), Gary Burton, Steve Swallow, Anthony Jackson, Ernie Watts and Walt Weiskopf (improvisation). In the field of popular music, he was member of many jazz, folklore and tango groups such as the Orquesta de Mariano Mores, Osvaldo Piro, Daniel Binelli, Walter Ríos, Kelo Palacios, Orquesta "Lapouble-Ziegler y Asociados", "Bs.As.Jazz Fusión, "Adalberto Cevasco cuarteto", Hugo Pierre, Fat Fernandez, Andres Boiarski, Máximo Pujol, Victor Villadangos and Luis Borda, among others. Since 1995 he is a member of the "Tangonave Trío", with which he toured Germany, Holland and Poland. He was a guest of the Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional and the Orquesta Sinfónica de Olavarría.
He lives in Köln, Germany. Besides his instrumental activity, he teaches at the "Musikschule Neunkirchen e.V."
His recordings include "Adalberto Cevasco" (Melopea) - "Tangonave" (TN1) - "Panorama de la música Argentina" (IRCO) - "Dimensión Tango" (live)


Silvina Cárdenas........................................... Flutes
Silvia Cárdenas began her music studies at the Instituto Pro Música de Rosario. She graduated as Profesora Nacional de Música continuing her studies at the Conservatorio "Carlos López Buchardo" de Buenos Aires. She later furthered her command of the flute with Maestro Jorge De La Vega, helped by a Fundación Antorchas scholarship. She attended courses given by Maestri Andras Andorjan, Lars Nilsson, Félix Renggli, Torleif Ander and Iose Ananias. She played in many parts of Argentina with diverse chamber ensembles and was often soloist for the "Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil de la Facultad de Medicina". Together with Maestro Aldo Antognazzi she recorded Muzio Clementi's Sonata Nº 5 Opus 2, within the MUZIO CLEMENTI "Complete Piano Works" series edited by Aurophon-Cascade. She also participated in the recording of Juan Carlos Paz' "Dedalus", produced by the National Endowment for the Arts. In 1999/2000 she was assistant teacher in flute studies at the Conservatorio Nacional "López Buchardo" de Buenos Aires and was part of the group of professors studying Clementi's chamber work under the auspices of the Fundación Antorchas de Buenos Aires.
She lives in Italy.


Ernesto Zeppa............................................... Drums - Percussion
Ernesto Zeppa was born in Rosario (Santa Fe, Argentina), in 1974. He began his studies of drums at the Escuela Nacional de Música de Rosario, and later in Buenos Aires with Sebastian Peicere and Alejandro Varela. He attended seminars given by Greg Bissonette, Jota Morelli, Jack Dejounette, Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers and Scott Henderson. In 1999 he formed "Gustavo Infantino Ernesto Zeppa y La Doble Tracción" together with Gustavo Infantino. The other members of the ensemble are Diego Neder (bass) and Alvaro Torres (keyboards). Currently he is a member of the grupo Ricardo Nolé Trío. Their repertoire is nourished by jazz and candombe rythms. In 2000, "Mundo Records" produced "Isla De Flores" a CD featuring eleven compositions. Guest artists of the album include Osvaldo Fattoruso, Juan Cruz Urquiza and Beto Satriagni. Together with vocalist Karina Silberman he recorded the CD "Será Una Noche". He has been a member of the reknowed group "Monos Con Navaja".
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Juan Pablo Simoniello.................................... Bass - Composer
Born in en Rosario (Argentina) in 1969, Simoniello studied composition and music analysis with Maestri Mariano Etkin and Gerardo Gandini. He participated in seminars given by Dieter Schnebel, Reinhard Oehlschlägel, J.J.Nattiez, Charles Rosen, Salvatore Sciarrino and Arturo Tamayo, among others. He was recipient of numerous awards, among them First Prize of the grantees of the Composition Workshop of the Camping Musical Bariloche 1991 and the Composition Competition of the Sinfonietta Omega 1993; special mention at the Juan Carlos Paz Prize 1995; first prize at the Roberto Caamaño National Composition Competition; second prize at the Roberto Caamaño National Composition Competition in 1998. He has won scholarships given by the Fundación Antorchas, Asociación Camping Musical Bariloche (thrice); of the Presidencia de la Nación and of the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional. Since 1995 he is professor of Instrumentation and Orchestration and of the Sound Workshop (an introduction to composition) at the Escuela de Bellas Artes de la Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He lives in Italy.




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